Impressive Swimming Pool: Replica of a Stradivarius Violin


Being able to customize certain aspects of your house is crucial to present day architecture. And people are not shy about their desires when it comes to home design. Take this swimming pool that replicates an 18th century violin. The owner didn’t just want an outdoor resemblance of a violin, but an exact (full detailed) Stradivarius violin as the design for the house of water activities. Cipriano Landscape Design & Custom Swimming Pools delivered a great project that simply dazzles you. Not only with the shape – bridge, strings, tailpiece, f-holes, and chin rest of the violin included in the build – but with its state of the art features. The high level of complexity can be found as well as in the design, but also in the modern technology the entire pool offers.

stradivarius-violin-pool-4 violin-pool-architecture-1 violin-pool-architecture-2 violin-pool-architecture-3 violin-pool-architecture-5 violin-pool-architecture-6 violin-pool-architecture-7

Fiber optic depicting the strings can glow in the evenings as well as synchronize with any kind of music if there’s any playing outside the pool. And when you can adjust all settings and utilities from your mobile, comfort is totally delivered. Oh, did we forget to tell you that you can listen to music underwater? Or that you can have a total of 12 persons in the over-flow spa? Yeah, they’re all true. Would you dare to make one for yourself?


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